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Yoga & Meditation in Garhwal Himalayas

Learn authentic “Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga” handed over from Guru to Student through the generations. Yoga is a way of life, a way of integrating your whole nature, so that all aspects of your life work in harmony, one with another. Yoga is the science of achieving stillness of body, mind, and emotions. Yoga is union of thought, word and deed.

The term Yoga comes from the world’s most ancient language, Sanskrit. “Yuj” means to joint, or to “yoke together”, to unify, to unite as one. Yoga therefore means oneness.

Yoga Means Union, although many people think this term refers to union between body and mind, emotions and spirit, the traditional acceptance is union between the Jivatman (individual soul) and Paramatman (Supreme soul), that is between one's individual consciousness and the Universal Consciousness. Therefore Yoga refers to a certain state of consciousness as well as to methods that help one reach that goal or state of union.

Yoga is not just performing some acrobatic poses or huffing and puffing some Pranayama or “sleeping” our way through the so-called “meditation”. It is an integrated way of life in which awareness and consciousness must be cultivated systematically. Yoga is a wholistic science of life, which deals with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Yoga Classes in Joshimath & Rishikesh


We conduct daily Yoga classes. Life today is full of stress and strain, of tension and nervous irritability, of passion and hurry.If man puts into practice a few of the elementary principles of Yoga, he would be far better equipped to cope with his complex modern existence. Anxiety and fear are said to be the source of modern tension, killing millions yearly through various stress disorders. The need of the hour is to step back, relax, and let Yoga become a way of life…..

Yoga & Meditation Tours in Joshimath and Rishikesh


Re-Energise yourself through YOGA at nature’s lap.…. Learn Yoga while hiking in the Himalayas (the Abode of the Gods): Join us on treks through the incredible Himalayas to places of immense power, energy and divine serenity, where the great masters have meditated.
Learn the ancient method of maintaining a healthy and flexible body devised by the wise sages of India. The options are endless with yoga, spirituality, culture and mountaineering put together to give you an uplifting experience of a lifetime.
Once in the lap of the divine Himalayas, we endeavor you to bring your inner and outer worlds together in complete harmony.

Yoga Retreats in Garhwal Himalayas Rishikesh and Joshimath


Yoga is the Science of Conscious Evolution! Realize your potential to be clearer, wiser, happier and freer. Penetrate deeply into the heart of vitality and well-being. Awaken to the highest reality, to things as they really are. Unravel the flavour of liberation. Live, Breathe, Inspire… Together, let's Sense, Explore and Evolve!
Join us on Yoga Retreat in the Himalayas, a place of immense power, energy and divine serenity, where the great masters have meditated. In ancient India, Yoga was traditionally imparted in the Guru-Kula, in Ashrams, in forest hermitages, where the ideals of simple living and high thinking were the life style.
The Ashram was set in a rural environment and the life style was perfectly in harmony with nature. The entire personality, character, attitudes, of the student were observed by the Guru (Teacher), in close personal contact who then subtly led the student step by step to higher Yogic modes of thought, feeling and action.
Attune to the meditative state of causal silence within to regenerate, rejuvenate and rehabilitate and evolve spiritually. Discover the balance between your inner and outer realms. It is time to touch the Self of yourself, to go deeper than you ever could before and to realize that you are a divine soul!